The Phoenix Education Centre is a profit for purpose community interest company that provides mentoring and support, along with education and training opportunities for the community of East Belfast.

We are a community-based, community-focused, and community-led approach to tackling educational underachievement and improving opportunities in East Belfast.  

As a community, we cannot wait on the government to act in tackling these issues and so the responsibility lies with us to ensure everyone, from cradle to grave has access to education, training, and opportunities that can improve their lives. We won’t wait for change, we must make it happen. 

The Phoenix Education Centre will offer various programs for youth and adults identified as at-risk from one of the following: low educational attainment, paramilitary or gang activity, or facing other barriers to obtaining higher and further education, re-entry to the workforce, or becoming workforce ready. The long-term goal of the Phoenix Education Centre is to empower community members to become active participants in their education. By using a community-based and youth work approach to learning the Phoenix Education Centre will build capacity within the community coupled with encouraging and uplifting community voice in all aspects of society. To achieve these objectives, the Phoenix Education Centre offers a range of programs for the whole community.

We are currently working on a number of social enterprises to ensure the financial security of our projects.

If you’d like more information, or to get involved please contact us.